Old Hay Bay Church Board of Trustees – October, 2018

The Rev. William McDowell, 1977

Alvin McIlwaine, 1996

The Rev. David Jones, 1996

Nora Barber, 2009

John Humphrey, 2009

Herb Roblin, 2009

Peter Johnson, 2011

Orland French, 2013

Judy Smith, 2013

James Smiley, 2014

The Rev. Phil Wilson, 2014

Angela Johnson, 2015

Elaine Farley, 2015

Marion Egan, 2016

The Rev. Phil Hobbs, 2017

Joan Smiley, 2017

Jen Welch-Wilson, 2018

The Rev. Dr. William Smith,
Conference Officer,
Executive Secretary, Bay of Quinte Conference,
United Church of Canada

Trustees Emeritus

Kathy Staples

Mr. Robert Woodside

Mrs. Dale Woodside